We are glad to announce that the Evaluating Committee has received 8 proposals for the 2019 PReS/PRINTO call, all of good quality. We thank all the proponents for their participation.

The grant has been awarded to the project “Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Localised Scleroderma Quality of Life Instrument (LoSQI) in juvenile localised scleroderma (JLS): a multicentre study of the PRES scleroderma working party in collaboration with members of the CARRA scleroderma working group”, PI Dr Clare Pain (Liverpool, UK)


Both the Pediatric Rheumatology European Society (PReS) and the Paediatric Rheumatology INternational Trials Organisation (PRINTO) work to foster excellence in Paediatric Rheumatology, from training and clinical care to clinical trials.

Therefore, in 2018, in the context of expanding the research activities of PReS, the Council envisaged a novel format of projects based on a tight collaboration with PRINTO. This novel PReS/PRINTO collaboration will consist in annual calls for projects in the context of the PReS Working Parties (WP2.0) and with the technical assistance from PRINTO.

In the 2019 call, one project will be funded for a total of 3 years. PReS will grant a financial contribution to the winner of 10, 000€ /year (total 30, 000€ ), and the equivalent in manpower (30, 000€ ) will be provided by PRINTO. Funding will cover primarily personnel, meetings and networking costs with volunteer participation from centres. PRINTO will take care of the manpower time for technical assistance and all related infrastructure for implementation of international collaborative studies (feasibility, databases, ethics committees submission, data collection etc). It is foreseen that there will be annual calls, one already planned for 2020, with the number of projects granted varying according to  availability of funds.

At each Annual Meeting there will be a session of all WP2.0s, where the project winners will have the possibility to present their project, invite PReS/PRINTO members to participate and provide an annual update.

The requirements to participate in the call are the following:
  • A PI and co-PI (co-PI under 40 years of age) who are members of a PReS WP2.0 and hold a valid PReS membership (please contact for further information);
  • A PI and co-PI who are members of PRINTO (please visit or contact for further information);
  • The proposed project must not have other sources of funding from other organizations/entities;
  • The involvement of at least 3 different countries is highly recommended;
  • The support requested to PRINTO must be clearly stated in the proposal.

Multicentric projects heavily involving, and heavily relying on, European Pediatric Rheumatology Centers are strongly encouraged.

The deadline for presentation of the projects for year 2019 is December 15th, through a platform, provided by PRINTO, open to all PReS WP2.0 members. The proposals will be then peer-reviewed by a selection committee including the Research PReS counselor (Chair), 1 PreS Council member, 2 PRINTO Council Members and 1 patient representative.

If you wish to apply for the PRINTO/PReS grant please:
  • if you have the credentials for the PRINTO website, click here
  • if you do not have the credentials, please contact PRINTO.

A call for 2020 is foreseen.

Any publication(s) arising from the projects will be followed after the byline of authors “for the PReS WP2.0 (name of the WP2.0) and PRINTO” as per the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJEs) criteria ( and the PRINTO publication policy ( PI and co-PI will be first or last authors.
Nicola Ruperto and Alberto Martini on behalf of PRINTO
Rolando Cimaz, Fabrizio De Benedetti, Athimalaipet Ramanan
Angelo Ravelli, Michael Beresford, Berent Prakken on behalf of the PReS Council

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