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GCOM 2024: Call for proposals!
The GCOM conference as the premier conference for myositis takes place every two years. Following this year's meeting in Prague, the GCOM 2024 Interim Steering Committee is calling for proposals to host the fifth GCOM meeting in 2024.

Deadline for submission is 11 May 2022!

The GCOM 2024 Interim Steering Committee will be reviewing proposals for hosting the Fifth GCOM meeting. While preference would be given to a proposal from a continent different from the preceding meeting place, the overall objective would be to organize a multidisciplinary meeting that focuses on clinical medicine as well as on basic and translational research, addresses all forms of myositis, promotes collaborative studies, supports and fosters participation of trainees, and will be international in scope.
A 3-day format is preferred, but could be discussed, as well as the month of the conference, in particular to reduce conflicts with other important professional meetings.
A hybrid proposal will be preferred. Close collaboration and use of the infrastructure of GCOM and the International Myositis Society (iMyoS) is expected.
Proposals for hosting the next GCOM meeting should highlight the planned focus and structure of the meeting, a proposed location and venue and local organizers, with preference for an interdisciplinary team to lead the meeting.
Please include any other aspects of your meeting plan that would be important to consider, and the specific reasons why the Committee should select your proposal.
Please send maximum of two pages to the secretariat of iMyoS at info@imyos.org by 11 May 2022.

Jens Schmidt, chair of iMyoS, on behalf of the GCOM 2024 Interim Steering Committee

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