Other paediatric projects and events

PReS/PRINTO collaboration | Annual calls for projects within the PReS Working Parties 2.0
With the aim of expanding the research activities of PReS (https://www.pres.eu/), the Council envisaged a novel format of projects based on a tight collaboration with PRINTO. This novel PReS/PRINTO collaboration will consist in annual calls for projects within the PReS Working Parties 2.0 (WP2.0) and with the technical assistance from PRINTO.

All winning projects are funded for 3 years:

PReS grants a financial contribution of 10,000€/year (total 30,000€). These funds cover primarily personnel, set up activities of the research project, meetings and networking costs with volunteer participation from PReS/PRINTO centres. 

PRINTO provides the equivalent (30,000€) in manpower, administrative and technical assistance and all related infrastructure for implementation of international collaborative studies (feasibility, databases, support in ethics committees submission, data collection etc). 

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