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The new iMyoS website of the International Myositis Society
Dear Friends, 

we would like to forward the message below regarding the launch of the new website of the international myositis society!

Thank you for your interest.

Nicola and Alberto for PRINTO


Dear myositis experts and myositis caregivers,
Dear myositis patients and relatives,
Dear myositis patient support group representatives,
Dear myositis interest and research groups from all over the world,
Dear all,
Towards the end of the myositis awareness month and in the midst of the ICNMD conference, it is my true pleasure to announce today's launch of the website of the international myositis society!
We welcome all of you to visit https://imyos.org and join us in exploring this new window of opportunity for a better future of how to diagnose and treat myositis and how to live with it. We hope that you share with us our excitement and joy about this important milestone in the world of myositis. Learn about the history and mission of the society and sign up for the international myositis newsletter. We are confident that the society and the website will grow soon and provide an important resource for all of us. We welcome suggestions on how to develop future content of the website. Please write to us at info@imyos.org.
We warmly welcome everybody to become a member of the society -this is possible by just a few clicks on the website. The membership fee is only 50 EUR per year and will include several benefits including a discount for the next global myositis conference (GCOM) in Prague 2022.
We also invite donations of any amount. We are a certified charity organization and each supporter will receive a donation receipt that indicates tax benefits etc.
We are grateful for all donations so far and thank all supporters who have made this logo and website possible!
We welcome you to spread the word and forward this e-mail to your local or national myositis group and inform everybody with an interest or need in myositis.
With best regards,
Jens Schmidt
On behalf of the iMyoS board


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